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   Fertilization / Weed Control

  1. The first application is a pre-emergent and fertilizer that helps to control crabgrass and other grassy weeds. This goes down in early spring.

  2. The second application is another round of pre-emergent and fertilizer. This gets applied in mid-spring.

  3. The third application goes down in late spring and contains a moderate amount of fertilizer as well a dose of broadleaf weed control to eradicate dandelions and other broadleaf weeds.

  4. The fourth application includes grub control and a small amount of nitrogen and potash fertilizer to keep root density strong. We apply this in mid-summer.

  5. The fifth application includes fertilizer and additional broadleaf weed control. This application gets applied in early fall and is highly important as it helps your plants store carbohydrates during the winter.

  6. The sixth and final application goes down in late fall and includes a large dose of nitrogen to help your lawn survive the winter and ensure it is lush and green come spring.

It is important to note that slow release granular products will take longer to produce results. However, long term effects and environmental benefits are far superior to liquid varieties.

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