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Mulch Installations

Mulching is a tough job and hard work for any homeowner. Which mulch is right for my flowerbed? How much mulch do I need? Do I really need mulch? At S&M EarthScapes we can help you answer all of these questions and save you the time and backache associated with mulching your landscape.

Mulch is used to conserve soil, keep your soil moist and to protect plantings in severe weather. Mulch keeps plants roots cooler in the summer months, slows the growth of weeds and minimizes erosion.

Mulch can also be used to lessen the amount of lawn maintenance. By increasing the number or size of your flower beds and filling them with mulch, you reduce the amount of lawn mowing. You can also place a ring of mulch around trees, plants, landscape lighting or water features to achieve the same results.

There are many different types of mulches and they vary in color and texture. If you prefer a decorate mulch you will find those made of wood chips, pine needles and bark. Though these mulches do not provide nutrients or enhance the health of the soil, they do a great job of decorating your landscape.

Selecting a natural, organic mulch is beneficial to gardening and will decompose quickly, enriching the soil and it breaks down. All mulches break down at different rates and should be applied evenly across your flower beds so that the nutrients are distributed evenly and the overall look remains level as the decomposition occurs.

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