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Snow & Ice Management

With below zero temperatures, chilling winds and grey skies, Cleveland winters can be unbearable, and that’s without mentioning the inevitable snow and ice!

S&M EarthScapes offers snow and ice management for both residential and commercial properties. During the cold season, our staff monitors storms, and our crews and equipment are on call 24/7 to handle whatever comes your way, ensuring your driveways, walkways and other pathways are plowed, shoveled, salted and safe for travel.

Based on your unique needs, we can customize your snow removal and ice management services. If you’d like us to plow your snow after a certain amount of snowfall, we’d be happy to accommodate you. And, if you prefer to have us plow your snow while snow is still falling, we can do that – or, we can plow once the snow has stopped. We want to make sure that your needs are met at a time when safety reigns above all else!

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